Entry 15

The current miscalculations involving the Hubble telescope and the Standard Model of the universe liken only to a derivative approaching a number but never reaching it: going halfway each time, and each time it reaches the next increment, halfway again becomes more infinite than before. Advertisements

Entry 14

For distance and voids, it all adds up to what the imagination has and is perceiving. Then, to what, is this letter’s purpose?  OPERATION GRAMMAR, in all its obsequiousness, is the supreme tool used to unravel the expanding world of Ellipsis.  That is where I shall leave you, bent on figuring out this letter, and […]

Entry 13

Now quantum physicists still do not have it yet, but they spend meticulously long hours calculating equations while maintaining a calmness that nothing is wrong around them.  These are life pursuits. One must, as the scientist who lives in a time where there are more questions than answers, dedicate oneself to this pursuit of happiness, […]

Entry 12

There comes a tense of word, a grammatical accentuation that points it one direction or another, a bit like interpreting law.  Take a judge who must interpret laws, old laws, laws where one word may not exist any longer, while another word may have by now 700 definitions.  How is one to categorize them all? […]

Entry 11

I know lots of people who will never surrender, but they will give up, let in, submit.  How is this so?  This is the explanation of the aforementioned paradox, where one may submit, I may submit, but I will never surrender. 

Entry 10

This paradox is why no one will ever find this time capsule. After several hours of inquiry, one comes to a point where giving up, letting in, submitting, is imminent. 

Entry 9

Do not be burdened, those that are drowned in the oceanic tidal wave or avalanche of snow know everything.  The key is, the knowledge they obtain is used to taint the very knowledge they obtain.