Entry 22

The HOPE strapped inside my chest will deliver a Positron bomb that will rip a tear in the cosmic fabric of this galaxy known as the milky way, creating a black hole that will swallow up the entire solar system including our sun. Advertisements

Entry 21

You see, before the search for a higher power begins; one must have an inclining of one thing, one might say religious in manner, a search for something…a search for HOPE (Human Observational Positron Equalizer).

Entry 19

I now get to the part where I talk of the separateness of mind and thought, for willing one’s thoughts is to not hold on to them in the mind…nor is remembering a form of willing…unless one forges so many memories that eventually, the memories may act to form a foundation with which a separate […]

Entry 18

While Ellipsis takes us out, one by one, until Syntax is destroyed, then and there, shall I fight for my very life, to defend against the evil dominion maintained by the monstrous assassin Ellipsis, ultimately to fulfill his one and only goal: to destroy the sentence.

Entry 17

This bending of the wills of the laws of physics is not so much a bend to the one who can do this: the one I now lay in front of you, a man who lives in the present, but will transfer to the past or fast forward to the future. Imagine, seeing an idea […]

Entry 16 

As of now, and at the time I write this, there is not math that has been invented far enough to comprehend the questions that the human mind asks, let alone science. For the two to work in union, something further must be invented.  All motion as far as distance and time must be placed […]